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Introducing Our Little Minis!

Hey hey beautiful babes,

We often browse through many skincare products hoping that we could try them all but realize quickly that the whopping quantity and price always seem to stop us from filling out our shopping carts and clicking checkout? Oh yeah! I can totally relate.

Often the struggle is to find what we call samples/ sachets of those favourite toner/moisturizer sufficient for more than two uses. It is necessary to use them for at least a week to see visible changes and those tiny trial packets do not do us justice.

It is important to try out those skincare products to see if they are compatible with your own skin and practices. Recently the American Dermatologists Association vouched that only 3-4 products are actually needed for your skin. Many times, what is most raved and trending often becomes tricky to use and/or incorporate into one’s routine. These are influenced by our skin’s past and present, the food we consume, the habits and lifestyle practices we have and skincare layering that we do from time to time. I personally do not believe in having a multitude of products to achieve the skin I want. Understanding your skin needs is essential to building a beauty route tailored to you.

Orgga has introduced trial “minis” for all skin types. The trial sets were designed to cater for normal, combination, dry and oily skin types. All 3 sets contain these three basic items: facial cleanser, face mist and a luxe beauty oil. However, these sets contain specialized skincare items to help you combat your daily skin needs.

Lavender has a pleasant fragrance is a well-established as a relaxant and its color ranges from pale yellow to yellow-green. It is anti-inflammatory, rich in anti-bacterial and it gentle on the skin. It relieves stress, is relaxing and soothing, and calms the skin. Lavender is said to be particularly good for oily skin. It also effectively treats acne, eczema, burns, and psoriasis, and cleans small wounds after washing. This is because it stimulates cellular growth and regeneration.

The Libra trial set have been designed to help those with normal to combination skin type. Curated with squalane, prickly pear oil and 9 other botanic oils, this oil is helps nourish the skin from the outside giving you a radiant natural glow that you’ve always wanted! For those with dry and mature skin the Oliva trial set can help you combat those premature aging signs and improve skin hydration. Both these sets contain the French Rose cleanser consists of colloidal oatmeal which serves as an excellent oil extractor and gentle exfoliator!

Oily skin babes, your wishes have been heard!! The Lindo trial set is the way to go especially if you have acne-prone skin. All the ingredients carefully picked by Orgga to cater for those with oily and acne-prone skin. They are gentle on the skin as well as the pocket. We have introduced a launching sale for these trials sets so that you can get them for just RM99 only! The trial set lasts a month to two each depending on usage but its assured improvements can be seen by then. Hence, an informed decision can be taken before deciding to invest in the full skincare set.

Wait! Theres more… Grab our Trial Set now and take a selfie of yourself, before and after using ORGGA Trial Set. Share it on your social media with #CubaTryTestORGGA. The most creative post will stand a chance to win great prizes.

Till the next!

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