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Jade vs. Rose Quartz Face Roller

Hey hey beautiful babes,

In 2018, the internet got hold of exquisite-looking face rollers made from premium stones and soon enough became a trend everyone wanted to get their hands on. Although it started off as a luxury tool to a skincare routine it soon adapted a practical reason as to why it should be incorporated into one’s daily (what I’d like to call) self-care routine. These rollers are actually used to aid the process of draining the excess lymphatic fluid from the face. This reduces puffiness, tightens the skin and improves elasticity. This rollers are found in two most popular kinds, the jade and rose quartz.

The history of these rollers actually dates back to 7th Century China where only the rice had them. Regarded as the most valuable and precious material in Chinese culture, jade has been used throughout the centuries for important and highly prized objects. Found in limited supply, jade in China was extremely expensive. Due to the hardness of the stone, jade was also extremely difficult for craftsmen to work with. They had been used to promote circulation and chi (energy) back to certain areas like the face, chest, palms and even the arms. The jade with slightly wider rollers were utilized to massage the soles of the feet to bring back the energy to the various organs in the body. The jade is associated with bringing a cooling sensation to the body and exerts calming effects.

Quartz is a mineral stone which is electro-conductive in nature. It is capable of circulating positive and negative charges in the body and balancing it out. Rose quartz is a crystal found abundantly scattered in the world. The pink color of rose quartz is attributed to microscopic inclusions of a pink variety of the mineral dumortierite giving it a translucent colour instead of transparent. Aging is part of this ecosystem we live in. However, premature aging is becoming more common due to high stress levels and demanding work environments. These rose quartz rollers promotes healthy circulation of energy allowing for revitalization of dull and aged/aging skin.

These rollers can be used any time of the day. There are several ways on how they can be used:

  1. Post-skincare routine at night/day
  2. Anytime
  3. After/during a sheet mask
  4. Can also be used post oil application

A Step-by-step with me:

It is recommended to store your rollers in the fridge for about 15-20 mins before using.

Pro-tip: Use the larger end of the roller and run it from the shoulder bone towards the armpits. Do this on both sides. The rollers aid lymphatic drainage and circulated blood flow to your chest are whilst calming the stressed muscles as your chest tends to tighten after a long day of work.

Till the next time ladies. Lots of love.

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