Hello Lovelies…

I’m Zaza, the founder and handcrafter of ORGGA. First off, Welcome to ORGGA Malaysia. I really appreciate each and everyone one of you who has visited our site and spent your precious time to read the content and mostly, this so-called love letter 🙂 I’m just gonna keep this simple and write everything from my heart on why and what makes me create this baby of mine, ORGGA.

ORGGA is simply a short form of ORGANIC with double G…yep! I want to have a brand name that is easy to be pronounced, to be remembered and to easily reflect the essence of the product. So yeah.

I am combining 2 different concepts in creating ORGGA as an item. I’m incorporating a minimal, clean, modern and very straight-forward packaging design for the branding and packaging to represent one of Orgga’s promises, a clean product (No harsh chemicals and No synthetic ingredients). Check this article out on why most of natural beauty packaging look the same? *wink*. However, when it comes to ingredients in each of the product, I’m combining an assortment of the best ingredients to create a beautiful synergy in my formulation. We source our ingredients mainly from United Kingdom, United States, Middle East, Europe, China & Malaysia. The reason being is that, most of the rarest and high quality botanicals ingredients are grew in these places, and mostly, I really want the produce best for you guys *hugs*.


For years, Natural skincare product has been a trend in the western beauty world, but this is not the case in Malaysia. I personally think, this is mainly due to the expensive price of the imported product, the scarcity of those type of products in Malaysia and also the lack of belief and confidence among the locals due to the false claim by some of the local brands claiming to be “Natural”, yet still contain synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients for the skin….And maybe it’s also because of the lack of knowledge and confidence on how good and effective a natural skincare can be.

I myself has been a big fan of natural and organic skincare for years. I have to admit the experience are remarkable and results are far more visible. However, price of the natural skincare product is far cheaper overseas. This is what triggered me to make a research and development for almost 2 years, and create my own skincare line using only natural and organic ingredients, as well as my passion in wanting to provide Malaysian women (from all walks of life) with the luxuries and experience using a natural and organic skincare with an affordable price.

Plus, with a rising numbers of local skincare products that are full of harsh and harmful chemicals, I genuinely feel that it’s time for me to help and educate Malaysian women on the effectiveness and benefits of using all-natural skincare product. I believe that skincare products made with natural and potent botanical ingredients are the best that our skin deserves.

Phew! So ladies, that’s all for now,
take care of yourself,
be smart,
be positive,
eat healthy,
smile always,
Be comfortable in your own skin!
Kulit gelap, kulit cerah, that’s not important for us at ORGGA. Healthy and Naturally glowing skin are what we preach. Be Gorgeous By Nature. Peace out!

and my present to you, ORGGA – Natural Skincare that Works.

Be Gorgeous by Nature (because healthy & beautiful skin is a human right)


p/s: Feel free to read more about ORGGA and Our Brand Promises :). If you have any questions regarding our products, call/whatsapp us at +6011 6560 2882 or email us at hello@orgga.my OR simply click the cute little pink bubble on the bottom right of this page *wink*.