Our Product Didn't Work For You?

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

  1. This offer is applicable to those who purchased LINDO, OLIVA or LIBRA Basic Set only.
  2. Claim must be made within 30 days from the purchased date.
  3. Only those who purchased the product directly from our Sales channel or online platform are eligible for this offer. Purchases made via agents or distributors will not be entertained.
  4. You must be consistently using the purchased set for at least 2 WEEKS without using any other skincare product.
  5. You must be using the product as per direction on the box or website. If you are uncertain on how to correctly use them, kindly consult our team at 018-2827793.
  6. Customers who are having side effects due to allergies to the ingredients are NOT entitled to this offer.
  7. Please attach the original proof of purchase when submitting your claim.
  8. Please provide us your picture before and after using the purchased set.
  9. Please fill up the claim form and print the completed form. The form then need to be signed and emailed to ‘claim@orgga.my’.
  10. Unused product need to be returned back to us. The amount of claim depends on the amount of unused product.
  11. Kindly allow 6 – 8 weeks for the refund to be processed. Payment will be made via online banking to your bank account.
  12. We reserve the right to reject any claim that appears to be not genuine.
  13. Please be informed that the terms are subject to changes without further notice.